Language development plays a crucial role in our school.  We recognise that literacy skills are fundamental to many aspects of teaching and learning and follow the National Curriculum 2014. Our long term aim in language development is to help children become effective adult communicators, able to cope in a flexible way with the demands of the world around them. 

As well as acquiring a high standard of practical writing skills, we hope that our children will develop confidence in using language so that they can articulate their feelings, joining in reasoned debate and be able to enjoy books and literacy.

We have a wide range of carefully structured reading resources, and parents are encouraged to share in their child’s reading programme from the very beginning of their school career.  Children are encouraged to extend their reading and language skills as they become fluent readers and also to discover information for themselves. An extensive range of reference books, is in use throughout the school.

We have recently heavily invested in a Guided Reading scheme “Project X” which is proving to be very popular with the children.  This scheme has been chosen specifically as it appeals to all children and to address the issue of reluctant readers and boys’ engagement.


KS1 Reading Schemes

Reading is an important skill that is needed across the curriculum. This year, the school has invested heavily in a new reading scheme for the school. Books throughout KS1 are colour coded.  The children are not rushed through these colour bands as progression is dependent on the acquisition of skills and breadth of experience.  The skills include reading key words on sight, de-coding, blending, reading for sense, comprehension skills, fluency, expression and intonation.  These skills will determine when your child progresses to the next colour. 

As the children become more independent readers, they will not always read to an adult on a 1 – 1 basis.  Reading within school time is done in various ways i.e. through Literacy, topic based sessions, group reading with an adult and phonic activities.

We use a reading schemes that uses a combination of books from The Oxford Reading Tree and Heinemann Story World and have recently acquired Project X - Oxford Books.

KS2 Reading Schemes

Key Stage 2 children do not follow a reading scheme, but may chose books from the library which are colour coded to a child’s individual need.   Silent reading is encouraged throughout KS2 and class silent reading takes place almost every school day. Children are expected to read from a variety of authors and genres and take responsibility for completing individual reading records.

Children are also encouraged to read at home, with the support of parents.

Throughout the school, the children are taught the skills of reading through a guided reading scheme called Project X. Every child will read in a group situation every week as part of their education. This enables us to teach the higher skills more easily and impact significantly on pupil progress.

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