Wrap Around


Terms and Conditions


This service will operate for Term time only.  It is self-funding and all income will be used to cover staff costs, resources, food and drink.  The aim is for the service to be sustainable during the academic year considering daily variations of numbers.


Before we can accept your booking, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions of this service:


§  Before bookings are made you must register your child, even if you only intend to use the club(s) occasionally.

§  Ideally, bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance.  If we have spaces available bookings may be made at the last minute.

§  Payment should be made in advance.  Payments are required promptly.

§  Children who are ill cannot attend the club and in the event of sickness or diarrhoea must be off for 48 hours after the sickness or diarrhoea has finished.

§  If your child is ill whist at the Club, staff will contact you to collect your child. No refund will be given for this session.

§  You must inform Club Leaders, preferably in writing by email (email address: wraparound@galleyhillprimary.co.uk ), if anybody else, other than those listed on the registration sheet, will be collecting your child.

§  Please do not arrive late to collect your child.  Children can become distressed if they think they have been forgotten.  If lateness is unavoidable then please telephone school, 01287 635540.  Penalty charges will apply as staff costs will increase and inconvenience to staff will be caused.  Please note that lateness could jeopardise staff willingness to run this service.

§  Parents who are late collecting their child will incur a charge of £5.00 per 15 minute or part of, expect in exceptional recognised circumstances.  This is due to the requirement to pay members of staff for the additional time.  Traffic will not be classed as ‘exceptional circumstances’.

§  If you wish to cancel a place, then you must give 48 hours’ notice ideally; if last minute cancellations are made and numbers fall below the minimum required to cover costs, you be charged for the place.  We will offer refunds if the club is forced to close due to snow, heating failure, staffing shortage etc.  We will however, facilitate last minute requests for places and for cancellations without charge where possible.

§  Anyone picking up a child will be expected to sign them out of the club when they leave and record the time of signing.  A list of those people authorised to collect the children must be provided.

§  All children must be collected at the end of their time at the After School Club.  No child will be allowed to leave unaccompanied.

§  Staff will administer medicine such as those provided for asthma, diabetes etc.  Staff will not administer non-prescription drugs and no children should be in possession of them.

§  First aid being carried out by a trained first aider as per the school’s policy if required.

§  The understanding that all consents already given to school extend to the Breakfast Club and After School Club (eg photograph consent).

§  Should you have cause for complaint about the Club(s) there is a formal school complaints procedure which is outlined on our school website https://galleyhill.eschools.co.uk/website/policies/81963    We hope any concerns can be sorted out informally with the Club Leader or the Headteacher.

§  Parents should park on the road and use the pedestrian entrance for the school when collecting their child/children from the After School Club, NOT the staff car park.

§  Parents must inform the Club Leader(s) of any change of address or contact phone numbers; this will not be the responsibility of the School Office.



Other Information;


Breakfast Club is from 7.30am – 8.50am.  Breakfast will consist of cereal, toast (with a selection of spreads – none of which will contain nuts as we are a nut-free school), fresh fruit and a drink.  We will endeavour to cater for all special dietary requirements.


The children will be taken to their playground or sent to their relative classes at 8.50am to either line up, or join their class.


After School Club is from 3.10pm – 6.00pm.  Children will receive a snack around 4.45pm.  Please try to collect children outside of the 4.45pm – 5.pm window if possible as they will be sat down to eat.


There will be activities provided as part of the After School Club such as art, craft, board games and (weather permitting) outdoor activities.  We will also provide an area for reading and homework.


Children will be sent to the Studio by their class teacher at the end of the school day and registered upon arrival.  Staff will adhere to all the policies provided and any legislation in place such as:


  •   Disability Discrimination Act
  •  Race Relations Act
  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • Children’s Act
  • Data Protection Act


And they will adhere to other school policy and procedure such as


  • Behaviour Policy
  • Child Protection


Booking forms are available on the website